Countless people have said to me “I’m not a computer person…” and I reply that I’m not an expert in their profession either! “I will do what I do, so that you can do what you do!” Through research and planning, I will help you to implement a productive and beautiful web site with effective SEO, and I will properly execute and maintain your social media presence.


Seize your opportunity to connect with your customers.


We build you a useful, productive, beautiful and mobile friendly web site. Your web site will be a reflection of your business. We build your web site based on your goals, and make your site useful tool for your customers.


What good is it to have a great web site if your customers can’t find it? We not only create a beautiful, professional web site, but we will also get your site showing up in results on search engines. In other words… get found on Google!


Did you know that your customers have probably identified you on social media, even if you have not yet created your Facebook or Google + page? These social media channels can generate traffic for your web site, and customers for your business. Knowing how to capture your audience in social media is a science – one to which we are attuned.


I spent my adolescence working whenever I wasn’t in school at my family’s small business, a store front on the North Shore of Long Island. Eventually, I tired of the monotony and saught out an education and got a degree in Graphic Design. During that time, I learned to write HTML and use page layout programs, modify photos and images, and create digital art. During my career I have repeatedly found myself in the Marketing Department of large businesses and corporations. Finally I became tired of unreasonable hours and decided to create at home. All in all, I have almost 20 years of Graphic Design experience, and about 15 years of Marketing experience. This experience makes me uniquely positioned to develop and manage your online presence.


Before the build, we need to fully understand your business and goals. Then we perform an evaluation of your market and competitors.


Your site must be visually appealing, practical from a usability standpoint, and programmed to be recognized and indexed by all search engines for best results.


All important components of the site such as the code, the images and the information need to be properly implemented for optimum results.